Announcing Springhouse!

Spring is a season of change and growth. The perfect time to announce Springhouse, the new name for St. Elizabeth’s Home emergency shelter and 2nd stage housing.

Our new name reflects the rejuvenation and new beginnings that women initiate during their stay at Springhouse. As with the organization’s new name – The Bloom Group – Springhouse was chosen for its freshness and expression of inclusivity.

Women arrive at Springhouse having experienced a range of challenges that often include poverty, abuse, mental illness and addictions. They leave with the security of a stable place to live, a plan and the increased resiliency to manage future challenges.

At Springhouse, we don’t judge. We accept all women regardless of their circumstances. Our staff supports women in strengthening their life skills and building a network of community resources that bolster their capacity to live healthy lives.

Springhouse helps keep families together as the only shelter and 2nd stage housing that accepts male children over the age of 12. It is also one of the few women-only shelters in Vancouver (along with our Powell Place emergency shelter in the Downtown Eastside).

Unique from most shelters and transitional housing, at Springhouse women and women-led families are welcome to stay until they’re ready and able to move forward. In recent years, women’s average time of stay has increased due to fewer affordable housing options from them to move on to. Therefore, Springhouse is increasingly limited in the number of women we’re able to serve in a year. In response to our community’s pressing needs, The Bloom Group is continuously seeking new ways to develop more affordable housing and resources for women and women-led families.

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