Creative resident shared his gifts at Cottage Hospice

During his time at Cottage Hospice, Frank Patko brought joy to everyone around him, playing his harmonica, writing poetry and songs, and chatting with staff and other residents.

Before he passed away in October 2014, Frank wrote this poem, reprinted with his family’s permission:

Cottage Hospice

Cottage Hospice is my home
Yes, it’s a place where I want to live and to be
I can look up at your mountains and out at the sea
Yes, there’s no place on earth where I’d rather be

It is here at Cottage where I want to be
I walk out in your garden among flowers galore
Really, how can I ask for anything more
The trees are so tall they reach for the heaven above

Yes, I’ve heard of this place, I think I could love
But for now there are so many things I want to do and to see
I want to eat all your food and drink all your tea
And look up at the mountains and out at the sea
Yes, there’s no other place I’d rather be

I know that soon my heart and lungs will give way
I’ll just put my head on my pillow and just fade away
But before that, I want to thank all the staff and my family
For their love and support they have all given me

I will never forget

– Frank Patko
1927 – 2014

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