The Bloom Group’s Services for Women

As we join with others around Vancouver and the world to celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to reflect on how our programs and services are reducing barriers caused by gender inequality.

Our network of care turns isolation and vulnerability into inclusion, acceptance and belonging for more than 2,000 residents, patients and clients every year. For the women in our programs, that means ensuring a sense of safety and security on their paths to wellness:

  • Approximately 600 women (40% of total clients) are in our adult guardianship program. Providing financial management to low-income women, many who are seniors living with the challenges of aging, ensures that rent is paid, medicine bought and taxes filed.
  • At our two emergency shelters for women, Powell Place and Springhouse, women living with the intersecting challenges of violence, abuse, poverty, mental illness and addiction are welcomed. Opened in 1977 and renovated in 2015, Powell Place was the first women-only shelter in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, while Springhouse remains the only women’s shelter in Vancouver that accepts male children over age 12, keeping women-led families together as they find permanent housing.
  • Last year, we supported 131 women and children in their transition out of shelters directly into housing or further treatment. The Bloom Group staff also developed and introduced new programming for indigenous women seeking services.
  • At any time, 50% of our patients at Cottage Hospice are women while May’s Place hospice provides end-of-life care to at least one woman out of six

#Innovateforchange is the theme of International Women’s Day this year, and it’s true. After decades of working with vulnerable women in Vancouver, The Bloom Group knows that practices must evolve, respond and innovate so that an individual woman experiences real change and our community moves toward gender equality. Ensuring a pool of diverse candidates for employment opportunities is key to that, and The Bloom Group thrives thanks to contributions from our women staff, consultants, volunteers and other partners

We thank all of our staff, donors and community partners who support our work with women and girls throughout the year. Consider making a donation to The Bloom Group as part of your celebration of International Women’s Day. Gifts can be directed towards our Women & Children’s program or to our greatest need.