The Bloom Group Honors Our Nurses During National Nurses Week

For many individuals accessing the services of The Bloom Group, hope comes from the professional and compassionate care of our nurses.

“While National Nurses Week gives us a reason to celebrate the phenomenal work of our nurses, their effort and impact are appreciated every day by our clients, their families and The Bloom Group Community Services Society as a whole,” explains Executive Director Liz Barnett. “There is no doubt that the high-quality and humane care provided by The Bloom Group nurses directly leads to a better life for our clients – and a better community overall.”

The men and women in our hospice program and mental health housing receive round-the-clock care from over 60 licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs), whose tenures with The Bloom Group range from one week to 17 years. Besides being qualified within their scope of practice, nurses empathize and work with individuals in crisis, many experiencing abuse, poverty, mental health challenges and other life-threatening conditions.

Such holistic care with an empathetic and supportive approach matters to our clients.

“The nurses at Victory House are one of our most valuable assets,” says Victory House Coordinator Nicholas Rathie. “They provide a level of care that contributes significantly to improving the physical and emotional well-being of 47 older adult residents struggling with both psychiatric and physical challenges.”

Nurses handle multiple responsibilities, including assessing physical and mental needs and administering medication alongside ensuring their practice meets nursing and organizational standards.

Nicholas adds that as a profession, nursing can be challenging, but also intrinsically rewarding. “Everyone at Victory House, including residents, staff, and management appreciate their dedication and willingness to help improve the lives of our clientele.”

At our May’s Place Hospice and Cottage Hospice, nurses are drawn to a special line of work, caring for individuals and their loved ones at the end of life.

“I am reminded daily about the grace of a nurse,” says Vivien McTavish, the Clinical Care Leader at May’s Place and Cottage Hospice, where change is constant. “The nurses work in the present, to deal with what is necessary, honouring lives, caring with dignity and optimizing the quality of life for those with life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones.”

As Vivien explains, The Bloom Group’s nurses operate from the heart and with their experience and skill, performing beautiful and compassionate service that meets all individuals wherever they are.

The Bloom Group is grateful to our nurses for their meaningful contributions to the well-being of our clients. Thank you!