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2013-2014 Annual Report

This year over 1,500 vulnerable people accessed The Bloom Group’s emergency or permanent housing services, trustworthy financial management program, and compassionate end-of-life care. This year we also made incredible progress increasing the availability of affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals. All of these people are safer, healthier and living in community, because of you. And yet, there is work still to be done. While continuing to provide our much-needed services, we must keep working to collectively transform the social dynamics that leave so many members of our community at risk. This year we look forward to collaborating with many more groups and agencies in our neighbourhood to amplify our collective impact in new and exciting ways.

Marleen Morris

Marleen Morris

President of the Board of Directors

Jonathan Oldman

Jonathan Oldman

Executive Director

Message from our Leadership

This past year was one of meaningful growth and community leadership at The Bloom Group. We expanded our core services and led crucial conversations in our sector, while continuing to provide low-barrier social services to over 1,500 people.

Thanks to our supporters construction is well underway on two new facilities – an expanded Powell Place Women’s Shelter and the transformation of the former Remand Centre into nearly 100 new affordable homes. We look forward to opening these new facilities next year.

Our considerable experience and success in delivering responsive social services earned us invitations to contribute to a range of important local and national projects: from the Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan and the Mayor’s Task Force on Mental Illness and Addictions, to the Canadian Women Foundation’s Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada. This work is helping us deepen our impact on a system-wide level as we seek solutions, not just temporary fixes, to the range of challenges before us. The coming year will see us launch specific new initiatives to further collaboration among the groups tackling the most urgent social issues in our community, amplifying our collective impact in new and significant ways.

It takes the cooperation of an entire community to provide personalized support to 1,500 individuals with unique needs and hopes for their lives. Every day we rely on our donors, our dedicated staff and volunteers, other service providers, all three levels of government, neighbourhood businesses, our suppliers, and community stakeholders, to meet vulnerable people wherever they are on their journeys, and help them move forward. These strong relationships enable us to deliver excellent services, and most importantly, empowering experiences for the people we serve.

We envision the year ahead as a time of positive change and transformation in our community, in our organization, and in the lives of the people we serve. We will continue to be active leaders in our neighbourhood and the across Metro Vancouver as we seek to transform the social dynamics that leave so many people in our community at risk. After you read this report we invite you to share your ideas, comments and questions with us. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for making all of this work possible, and for playing such an important role in delivering Community. Services. Together.


Many of the people who access our services have histories of mental ill health and addictions, trauma and violence, poverty and precariousness. We meet our clients wherever they are at, providing support at every stage of their journey. We ensure people are able to retain their autonomy while receiving the support they need to move forward in life.

A place to call her own: Maureen’s story

“I was homeless for a year, living street corner to street corner. I didn’t know where to get my next meal, or my next shower. The worker at Powell Place was amazing. She helped me find a new place, and I’m moving [to a new affordable housing complex] next month. They went above and beyond for me to help me find a place to live. They treated me like a human being.” - Maureen, temporary resident at Powell Place

Last year 308 people – including 70 children – accessed emergency or transitional housing at Powell Place Women’s Shelter and Springhouse. In these low-barrier and inclusive spaces women are supported to enhance their skills, improve their wellbeing and pursue permanent housing, while their children have access to activities that make life just a little easier.

Over 500 women still to reach

According to the 2014 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count over 500 women are currently homeless in our communities. While the expansion of Powell Place shelter is helping provide low-barrier shelter and services to more people who need it, we must continue to reduce the barriers for women and women-led families to access housing.

Special services received in our women and children’s program:

Accompaniment to the TRC

Yoga, swimming and aquafit classes

Summer picnics and outings

Provision of harm reduction supplies

Dignity at the end of life:
Ken’s story

“May’s Place allowed our son to go to a better place with dignity. Everyone was so caring and loving. Ken’s life was so hard for him. You saw it that he was cared for and respected regardless of who we was. We, as a family, thank you.” - Dale and Shirley, parents of Ken, who passed away at May’s Place hospice

Last year 159 people had peace and comfort at the end of their lives through compassionate care at our two hospices. Forty-five of these patients stayed at the only hospice in the Downtown Eastside, May’s Place, where they received dignified and respectful care for their complex needs.

Prioritizing end-of-life

Access to hospice palliative care ranges dramatically depending on where you live, and 70% of Canadians still die in hospitals, despite their overwhelming preference to pass away in a home-like environment. As the demand of palliative care alternatives increases, we must be prepared to meet our communities’ diverse and complex needs, and ensure everyone has access to quality end-of-life care.

Special services received at our hospices:

Canine therapy

Birthday celebrations


Annual remembrance events for families

A foundation for the future: Rachel’s story

“Before I came to Victory House, it was tough living. I have schizophrenia, and had no foundation. When I moved here, I got back the structure in my life. The people are wonderful. The staff are wonderful. We need more places like this. The mentally ill, the homeless, the poverty-stricken – these are the places that bring these people back to life. It gives me good hope for the future.” - Rachel, resident at Victory House

Last year The Bloom’s Group’s Mental Health and Supportive Housing facilities – Victory House, Santiago Lodge & Cecelia House and Cordova House – safely and supportively housed 165 vulnerable individuals living with chronic mental health issues and other challenges.

Outside our walls, untreated mental illnesses and addictions persist

In the 2014 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count one-third (34%) of homeless people reported having a mental illness, while 21% reported a concurrent disorder (i.e. both a mental illness and addiction). These figures illustrate the need for facilities like ours that provide on-site support services to promote residents’ health and wellbeing, quality of life, social inclusion, and sense of self-determination.

Special services received in our mental health and supportive housing facilities:

Art therapy classes

Library program

Cooking classes led by residents

Regular doctor visits

Relationships to rely on:
Vicky’s story

“Before I found the Adult Guardianship program I was homeless and in big financial trouble because people kept stealing from me. Now my life has stabilized. Having this service and relationships with [the Adult Guardianship workers] – it’s amazing. They’re so reliable. They treat me with no judgment, with dignity, and my rent's been paid on time for 8 years. Things are getting better.” - Vicky, Adult Guardianship client

Last year The Bloom Group managed the finances of 858 seniors who are vulnerable to financial abuse and people who have physical and/or mental constraints. This service helps prevent these vulnerable individuals from becoming homeless and becoming the victims of exploitation.

Vulnerability of seniors on the rise

The number of single seniors living in poverty has risen 28% in recent years, while one in three Canadian seniors over 85 have some form of dementia, an age category that will continue to grow rapidly in the coming decades. As the population of low-income seniors with diminishing capacities rises day by day, and we must enhance social supports like the Adult Guardianship program, which prevent seniors from being exploited or becoming homeless.

Special services received through our Adult Guardianship program:

Help accessing SAFER

Help filing back taxes

Securing income supplements

Stories yet to be written at 250 Powell Street

“It felt liberating to be able to knock down this prison and to make it a place for support for people.” - Salas, a 21-year-old worker with the BladeRunners program

Building on our successful management of Somerville Place, The Bloom Group is expanding its offering of affordable housing in our community. We will partner with BladeRunners to manage the 96 new units of affordable housing at the former Remand Centre at 250 Powell Street. The units earmarked for BladeRunners participants will help ensure at-risk Aboriginal youth have a safe and stable place to live while they receive employment training and begin their careers in the trades. The building is set to open early next year.

More affordable housing is needed

For the last six years straight Vancouver has been ranked as one of the two least affordable housing markets in the world. Investments in affordable housing, like the 96 units of new housing at 250 Powell Street, are one of the best ways to dramatically reduce the risk of low-income people becoming homeless.

Special features and benefits of the new facility will include:

Community garden

Amenities space

Economic benefits for the entire community


Prudent fiscal management and decision-making is integral to our work and to earning and keeping the trust of our funders and donors. We are proud to report almost 90% of our revenue is applied to direct care expenses, from staffing the frontlines and maintaining our buildings to providing specialized programming, workshops and other services to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our ability to keep administrative costs low, while ensuring good governance and sound financial practices, is a key commitment of our organization.

Financial Report

Year Ending March 31, 2014
Summarized Statement of Revenue and Expenses

REVENUE 2014 2013
Government Funded Programs 9,827,881 10,009,573
Rental and Other 2,366,801 2,303,215
Donations 3 331,423 379,921
TOTAL REVENUE 12,526,105 12,692,709
Wages and Benefits 8,299,529 8,290,393
Interest on Long Term Debt 204,502 219,199
Operational Costs 2,684,361 2,787,358
TOTAL DIRECT CARE EXPENSES 11,188,392 11,296,950
Wages and Benefits 981,514 899,299
Other 371,408 363,148
TOTAL EXPENSES 12,541,314 12,559,397
Excess of revenue over expenses before undernoted (15,209) 133,312
- -
- -
BC Housing 2009 surplus adjustment  - 38,218
Excess of revenue over expenses (15,209) 171,530

Year Ending March 31, 2014
Summarized Statement of Financial Position

ASSETS 2014 2013
Current 3,924,126 4,701,098
Capital Assets 13,397,726 12,677,919
Other 1,047,409 71,576
18,369,261 17,450,593
Current 6,163,080 5,325,563
Long-term Debt 4,694,260 5,134,709
Other 6,017,545 5,480,736
16,874,885 15,941,008
Invested in Capital Assets 1,087,826 1,114,233
Other 406,550 395,352
1,494,376 1,509,585
TOTAL 18,369,261 17,450,593
Year Ending March 31, 2014
Summarized Statement of Cash Flows
2014 2013
Operating activities 99,618 1,381,921
Investing activities (1,569,044) (1,734,569)
Financing activities 1,102,097 (243,058)
Change in cash for the year (367,329) (595,706)


1. Data for this financial report has been compiled by management from our audited financial statements.  However, this financial report in itself has not been audited. A full copy of our audited financial statements is available from our Finance Manager, Sylvia Katz, at 604-606-0305.

2. Management's criteria for preparation of the summary finanacial statements were to provide condensed financial results in the Society published annual report.

3. The total amount of donations received during the year was $482,359 (2013 - $1,347,073), of which $150,936 (2013 - $967,152) is included in deferred contributions.

Society Revenues

1. Government Funded Programs
2. Rental and Other
3. Donations

Society Expenses

1. General Administration and Other
2. General Administration Wages & Benefits
3. Operational Costs
4. Interest on Long Term Debt
5. Direct Care Wages & Benefits



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The people we serve chart their own course for success. Our donors and funders are their invisible partners for the journey.

Mary Brown

"I had the privilege of visiting the first modern hospice in the UK and of seeing how people could spend their last weeks of life in a caring, comfortable atmosphere. When May Gutteridge decided to create a hospice on Powell Street I joined the planning committee. I have seen how May’s Place hospice brought this compassionate end-of-life care to the Downtown Eastside. Over the years I have continued to donate to The Bloom Group and served as a volunteer in a variety of roles. Once while volunteering at Cottage Hospice I wheeled a patient outside to see a bald eagle in a nearby tree. He was a keen naturalist, and was thrilled. He died just a few days later, but I will always remember the joy he experienced in that moment. I have decided to become a legacy donor, so that I can continue to support The Bloom Group's hospice services, and other programs, well into the future."

- Mary Brown, longtime supporter, volunteer and legacy donor


BC Housing
Vancouver Coastal Health
BC Housing
BC Housing



United Way
of Lower Mainland

Powell Place Capital Campaign Donors


  • BC Housing
  • City of Vancouver
  • Government of Canada
    Homeless Partnership Strategy
  • Cindy & Ryan Beedie Family


  • The Congregation of St. Mary's
    Anglican Church Kerrisdale
  • Hockey Helps the Homeless


  • Government of Canada
    Enabling Accessibility Fund
  • Radcliffe Foundation
  • Rudy & Patricia North
  • Margaret Hope
  • Carl Vanderspek


  • Anthem Properties
  • Bosa Blue Sky Foundation
  • The Morris and Helen Belkin Foundation
  • The Peter and Joanne Brown Foundation
  • Central City Foundation
  • Face the World Foundation
  • Houssian Family Foundation
  • The Louis Family
  • David and Jill Lyall
  • Onni Group
  • Todd Yuen


  • Anonymous (2)
  • Andrew Mahon Foundation
  • Armstrong Family Foundation
  • Bachechi Realty Fund, Vancouver Foundation
  • Bridges Family Memorial Foundation
  • Brook Pooni Associates
  • Darren Cannon
  • Raymond Castelli
  • Churchill International Property Corp.
  • Richard & Heidi Coglon
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  • Dr. Joan Ford Foundation
  • Holly Gordon
  • Andrew & Sarah Green
  • H&R Real Estate Inc.
  • Lee Hester
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  • Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation
  • MacDonald Development Corporation
  • David & Joyce McNair
  • Chris Morrison Personal Real Estate Corporation
  • Stuart Morrison Personal Real Estate
  • Leah & John O'Neill
  • Jonathan Oldman and Morag MacLean
  • RBC Foundation
  • David Rowntree
  • Joseph Segal Family Foundation
  • Suki & Desha Sekhon
  • Allan Seltzer Mortgage Consultant
  • Dean & Julie Shepard
  • Robert Stokes
  • The Garden Club of Vancouver
  • Travelers Financial Corporation
  • Vancouver Foundation - Bachechi Realty Fund
  • Verico Complete Mortgage Services
  • Marie Vermeulen
  • Vito Decicco Personal Real Estate Corporation

(up to$999)

  • Anonymous (9)
  • Sue Burgess
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  • Gordon Farrell
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  • E. Marion Greene
  • Robert Harlow & Sally Ireland
  • Ronald Harrison
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  • Caroline Kuwica
  • Carlota Lee
  • Melissa Lim
  • Mary Lindsay
  • Kyenta Martins
  • Shirley McIntosh
  • Essop Mia
  • Ann L. Neumann
  • William & Tiare Nonni
  • Pacific Interchristian Community Service
  • Bill Randall
  • Jason Soprovich
  • John & Joan Spencer
  • Randy Swant Personal Real Estate Corporation
  • Janette Thompson
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  • Sean Ungemach
  • Walden Disposal
  • Ronald Wickens
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In-Kind Gifts

  • Planet Clean
  • Laura Shelby
  • Teresa Sheward
  • Kate Shuttleworth
  • Two/Ten Foundation of Canada
  • Meredith Woods
  • Headwater Projects
  • Cocos Pure Beverage Corp.

Legacy Gifts

  • Estate of Dusan Bozajic
  • Estate of Lan Ting Cheng
  • Estate of Marcia Mawson
  • Estate of Jihei Yuza


  • BC Housing
  • Coinamatic Canada Inc.
  • Enviroware Projects Ltd.
  • The Sean Fahy Group
  • Glenhaven Memorial Chapel Ltd.
  • Henriquez Partners
  • Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams Architects
  • Remedy's Pharmacy
  • Richards Buell Sutton
  • Stonebow Renovations Inc.
  • TELUS - Team TELUS - Charitable Giving



  • Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward's Foundation
  • Lis & David Ker
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  • Canadian Women's Foundation
  • Whittaker Charitable Trust
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  • Wendy Affleck
  • Andrew Mahon Foundation
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  • Blavatsky Lodge
  • Mary Brown
  • Sherrie Budai
  • Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association
  • CIBC Children's Foundation
  • Julita Cruz
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  • Sean Fahy
  • Jacqueline Forbes-Roberts
  • Greater Vancouver Pranic Healer's Association
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  • Janice McDonald
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  • National Bank of Canada
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Thank you to our volunteer Board of Directors:

  • President Marleen Morris
  • Vice-President Franco Ferrari
  • Treasurer Wayne Henderson
  • Director Nitya Iyer
  • Director Scott Macrae
  • Director Jacquie Forbes-Roberts
  • Director Dr. Sidney Katz
  • Director Dr. Carol Matusicky

Special Thanks to:

  • Cindy Beedie, Chair, Powell Place Capital Campaign
  • Houtan Rafii, Project Advisor, Powell Place Project
  • 625 Powell Street Foundation, Powell Place Project Partners
  • BladeRunners, 250 Powell Street Project Partners
  • 127 Society for Housing, Expo Boulevard Project Partners
  • A Bout To Change
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  • Andrew & Erin Blunt
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