Give a Gift of Kindness for the Holidays

Do you remember the last time someone took a moment out of their day to do something nice for you? Whether it was a door held open, or a coffee to start your morning, or a friendly smile, their kindness probably cheered you up and made your worries disappear.

The community we serve, people like Mark, face issues that are difficult and complex but helping doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a small act of kindness to turn a bad day into a better one, and you make them possible through donations that:

  • Provide homes that are affordable to those on limited incomes;
  • Send a mom to a hockey game so that she and her children can have fun together and strengthen their relationship with one another;
  • Give Christmas Hampers filled with gifts to women in our shelters who arrived with nothing;
  • Provide a place for someone at the end of their life where they can feel welcomed, appreciated, and safe;
  • Help women develop new skills and find employment;
  • Give peace of mind to those unable to manage their finances that they will be cared for;
  • Bring families together again for one last goodbye

With your support we can continue to put smiles on over 2,000 faces in Vancouver next year and make life better a day at a time.

Gift Kindness Bloom Group