Financial Services for Peace of Mind

Since 1998 our Adult Guardianship program has managed the income of low-income individuals who are no longer able to care for their own financial needs. It is the only service in BC of its kind, apart from Public Guardian & Trustee of BC.

Most of our clients are seniors who have chosen our program to administer their pension income. Many have physical and/or mental constraints to managing their money and/or are vulnerable to financial abuse. Some clients are referred by community service providers and have been medically certified as incapable of managing their finances.

We serve individuals living throughout British Columbia. Our fees are as low as possible, so individuals with limited incomes can access our services. As a non-profit social enterprise, the service fees are invested directly back into sustaining the program. We work with mental health teams, care facilities and other community groups to promote our clients’ well-being and ensure rent, food and other bills are paid on time.

Each client has direct access to an Adult Guardianship Worker who administers their account and provides personalized and responsive care and services:

  • Creating a functional budget and plan for debt reduction, in co-operation with client, based on income, monthly expenditures, debts and saving for future needs.
  • Paying bills such as rent, meals, utilities and pharmacy.
  • Facilitating income tax filing and filing back taxes.
  • Liaising with community care workers to provide financial support to, and for, clients when appropriate.
  • Providing monthly statements upon request.
  • Applying to all possible income benefits such as Guaranteed Income Supplement, SAFER, Disability Tax Credit, and BC Bus Pass.

On instruction and with our client’s consent, services may be carried out with the support of a family member or community service provider. Our services are restricted to those involving personal finances. No responsibility for medical or other personal decisions is transferred to The Bloom Group or its workers.

Referral and Application Process

We continuously accept referrals from individuals, family members and service providers.  We prefer to have the referring party or a reliable community member present when contracts are signed if the client is hesitant or has any form of dementia.

A link to the downloadable application is available here. The application package is comprehensive and contains all the forms necessary to open an account. Due to the number of forms required by Provincial and Federal agencies, you will find multiple sets are required. Please print single-sided and fill it out in full with as much information as possible. Completed applications require less follow up and ensure that we have everything required to secure financial guardianship for the clients.

We can only accept forms completed in full and sent to us by mail. We are only able to work with original signed forms. If you have any trouble with the application or referral process, please do not hesitate to contact our office. For all referral and intake inquires please email 

We have simplified the application form to make it easier for the referring party. We will assist you in best selecting the type of contract best suited for the client based on their situation.

However, for more detailed understanding of the various contracts, see below.


Please mail completed forms to:

The Bloom Group
Adult Guardianship Program
317 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC  V6A 1P3

Please be advised that our wait time for new referrals has recently changed.  The anticipated wait time for new referrals is now 9 months.

Monthly Service Fee

A new fee schedule is effective May 1, 2021. Check out the new fee schedule here.

Click here for more information and FAQ’s about the new monthly service fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the service cost?
    Click here to see the Adult Guardianship services fee structure
  • How are my fees invested?
    Click here to see the Adult Guardianship investment approach
  • How quickly can The Bloom Group AGP start providing budgeting and financial management services for me?
    Our case managers provide budgeting and financial management as soon as they are granted the authority to do so by OAS/CPP, a process that requires approximately four (4) to six (6) months from the date your trusteeship application is received in full. Delays are often associated with incomplete applications, and delays from Service Canada and Canada Revenue Agency.
  • What hours are your services provided?
    Our offices are open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday and closed on weekends and holidays.

Types of Contracts

Pension Management Contract – Capable and Voluntary

A Pension Management Contract allows us to administer a client’s pension from the Income Security Program only (Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, employment, union, veteran pensions, and/or private pensions).

To enter into a Pension Management Contract, the client must be mentally capable. Service cost is $50 per month. We accept a Pension Management referral when we receive complete and original copies of the following form by mail.

We must receive original, signed documents. Please, no faxed copies.

Pension Trustee – Certified Incapable of Managing Finances

Acting as a Pension Trustee, it allows us to administer pensions for individuals who are incapable of managing their finances. A referral must include an original Certificate of Incapability completed by a medical doctor. This form of management strictly allows us, as the trustee, to receive Canadian government pension income, and pay only basic living expenses. Service cost is $50 per month.

We must receive original, signed documents. Please, no faxed copies.

Discretionary Trusts

Discretionary Trusts are similar to the Pension Management Contract, however, in these situations, clients generally have a larger investment balance through inheritance or settlement compensation. We administer Discretionary Trusts for persons who:

  • receive a Ministry of Social Development Person with Disability income; and who
  • have received a lump sum amount; and who
  • wish to maintain status with the Ministry, and therefore
  • must keep the money in trust for future use.

Please contact the office directly for more information, and to obtain the Discretionary Trust Deed.


For questions regarding Adult Guardianship services, please contact:

Aven Cheng, Adult Guardianship Worker,, 778-945-3323

Tyng-Wey Fan, Program Manager,, 604-606-0335

Preventing Elder Abuse

For other inquiries related to elder abuse, contact the Seniors Abuse & Information Line (SAIL) – 604-437-1940 | 1-866-437-1940 (toll free) / They are available 8am-8pm daily (excluding holidays). SAIL is operated by BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support. This confidential line is a safe place for older adults and those who care about them to seek support, if they or someone they know is being abused or mistreated.


Our Adult Guardianship office does not currently have parking that can accommodate individuals with a disability. Please contact Handydart if you require transportation assistance.