Supporting People to Live More Independently

A stable home is an anchor. When faced with multiple barriers to maintaining stable housing, such as chronic health challenges, addictions, or low income, support managing one’s daily affairs is key to preventing crisis or homelessness.

The Bloom Group provides supportive housing – a stable home with access to a range of support services – for 66 residents in the Downtown Eastside. We assist residents in managing day-to-day tasks and activities so they are able to succeed in maintaining stable housing. Our supportive housing is part of a continuum of housing that meets a diverse range of needs and provides 178 residents on fixed or low-incomes at risk of homelessness with a place to call home. Residents are welcome to stay as long as they are able and we can adequately provide care as needed.

Cordova House

Cordova House is home to 66 residents aged 45 years and older.

Services and features:

  • Furnished rooms, each with a bathroom that includes a toilet and sink
  • Shared shower facilities
  • 3 nutritious meals and 2 snacks prepared daily in on-site cafeteria
  • Assistance accessing services such as home support, home care nursing, mental health care, addictions recovery, etc.
  • On site financial administration and planning
  • 24-7 tenant support
  • Assistance accessing other community services for medical, mental and physical health support
  • Quarterly podiatrist visits
  • Organized group activities to promote residents’ social inclusion


368 Cordova St. Vancouver, BC V6A1L5


Nevin Thomas, Coordinator, 604-606-0447,

Funding for Cordova House is provided by BC Housing. Referrals for individuals age 45 or older are accepted through a service provider (i.e. case manager, social worker, shelter staff). Please contact the Cordova House Coordinator for more information on current availability and how to apply for housing.


Cordova House does not currently have parking that can accommodate individuals with a disability. Please contact Handydart if you require transportation assistance.