Reducing Homelessness, Improving Mental Health

Since 1975, The Bloom Group has been providing individuals with permanent homes combined with on-site support services to promote residents’ health and well-being, quality of life, social inclusion, and sense of self-determination. Today, we provide 81 individuals with chronic mental health challenges with a stable home in the Downtown Eastside. Our mental health housing is just part of a continuum of housing that meets a diverse range of needs in the community and provides 178 residents on fixed or low-incomes, at risk of homelessness, with a place to call home. Our housing has no time limit. Residents are welcome to stay as long as they are able and we can adequately provide care as needed.

All residents are referred by Mental Health Housing Services, a program of Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Mental Health Housing provides for a centralized intake and referral process for adults over the age of 19 who are unable to live independently related to a serious and persistent mental health issue. Mental Health Housing manages the intake and the waitlist for Vancouver Coastal Health funded mental health and supported housing service providers.

Referral to Mental Health Housing requires the referral to be made by a Vancouver Coastal Health Mental Health Team or a General Hospital.

For further information, contact Nevin Thomas, Program Coordinator, 604 606 0331.

Victory House

Victory House is a supportive, nurturing home with 24hr on-site care for 48 residents. Our residents are encouraged to increase their stability, independence, and self-worth by working toward self-directed wellness goals that recognize and build on each individual’s strengths. Wellness goals are developed and achieved with input and assistance from care teams and families.

Services and features:

  • Individual bedrooms with shared bathrooms and showering facilities
  • On-site mental health staff available 24 hours a day
  • Prepared meals served in the dining room
  • Daily nursing assessments and medication administration
  • Ongoing psychosocial assessment
  • Bi-weekly care planning
  • Bi-weekly physician visits
  • Monthly podiatrist visits
  • Treatment room with medical treatment bed
  • Weekly dietician assessment and support
  • Life skills assistance and development
  • Daily group activities and regular outings
  • Accompanied weekly appointments
  • Designated smoking rooms


353 Cordova St. Vancouver, BC V6A1L4

Santiago Lodge and Cecelia House

At Santiago Lodge and Cecelia House, 33 residents live more independently with access to an on-site Licensed Practical Nurse and a variety of community supports that promote health, recovery, social inclusion, and independence.

Services and features:

  • One-bedrooms or studios with kitchenettes and bathrooms
  • Common lounge areas
  • Common laundry facilities
  • Full-time Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Organized group activities
  • “Worker program” that provides monthly allowance for residents that choose to assist with building upkeep or help lead group activities


Santiago Lodge, 333 Powell St., Vancouver, BC V6A1G5
Cecelia House, 315 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A1G5


Victory House, Nevin Thomas, Coordinator, 604.606.0447

Santiago Lodge & Cecilia House: Marlo Hautea, Coordinator, 604.606.0393


Victory House, Santiago Lodge, and Cecilia House do not currently have parking that can accommodate individuals with a disability. Please contact Handydart if you require transportation assistance.